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The Opposite Content Hack That Works Every-time It’s Tried famous old guy said…

Youth is wasted on the young.

Oh, so true. Who hasn’t thought– If I knew then what I know now…

But often having a youthful outlook is just a state of mind.

And sometimes it’s good to have a childlike mindset.

Take the holiday only a child could dream up– opposite day.

You know this one.

A young child suddenly decides it’s opposite day. She goes on to drive you temporarily insane by doing and saying the opposite of everything.

Eventually you plead… “please stop”.

She replies “okay, don’t stop”…

You play along… “don’t stop”, she smirks “okay, don’t stop”.

Wait. what…

Yes, you’ve been outsmarted by a child.

Now it’s time for you to do the same with your market.

See in any market or niche there is a common dogma. There is a common thought. There is a common shared history.

This presents an opportunity. An opportunity for your stand out and embrace that innocent childlike view of the world.

Now’s the time for you to play opposite day, week, or month.

Here’s how this will make you a genius in your market.

Take every story that comes over and go opposite on it.

That’s right.

  • Ask– what if this wasn’t true?
  • Say– that’s wrong, here’s why.
  • Take it to the absurd. Go off the deep end of the opposite. This is usually where the gems are.

For many stories and narratives in your market this might take 1-2 seconds but you’ll get the hang of it.

Eventually you’ll discover a complete unique voice in your market.

Want to see how easy this is?

Let me fire up my Listening Engine and go off the top of my head.

Story: “The Internet Ad War is Only Going to Get Worse From Here”

Opposite: The Internet Ad War is Going to Flourish… Here’s Why

Story: You People Need to Stop With this Scary Clown Bull***t

Opposite: We Need More Scary Clowns

Story: Three Ways to Make Your Entire Team More Creative

Opposite: Three Ways to Destroy Your Teams Creativity (use the same arguments above).

Story: The Blockchain: Change Everything Forever

Opposite: The Blockchain: Nothing Changes

Get the picture?

And that’s only a few of the top stories I found in my personal Listening Engine.

All those stories above are from well known sources. Sources people in my market will recognize.

By taking the opposite position you immediately stand out. It’s a shortcut so you don’t sound like every other blogger or talking head out there.

And that’s the key.

See you don’t build authority by sounding like everybody else. You build authority by having a unique voice and perspective.

So embrace opposite day.

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