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6a00d83451576d69e201bb092b19d9970d-320wiWhat’s one of the most common form of communication in today’s media environment?

Is it TV, video, print? Sure those are still popular but there is one media type out there that continues to gain traction.

The MediaGlyph.

A MediaGlyph is an image with a bit of text that conveys a precise emotion or idea (if the image doesn’t show above click on display images).

Successful MediaGlyphs make their way into social media often going viral gaining tens of millions visitors a day. Mediaglyphs generate tens of millions impressions an hour and unlike most forms of communication these are built for consumption on smartphones and the visual nature of social media.

Beyond a doubt you’ve come across these yourself.

The real question is should you use these in your own content?

Most likely yes.

It today’s attention starved world anytime you can convey an idea or emotion quickly you should.

A few things to keep in mind…

No on owns these. So once you create or use one you lose what ever form of control over the idea or message. This is usually no big deal but realize no one is going to give you credit.

Often you see these to be a form of funny or sarcastic humor. That’s not required but it helps for effectiveness. That’s why one of the most effective ways to use these is to find things that people in your market or niche find ironic. Capture that in the perfect image and phrase.

Finding and creating these are easy… there are plenty of examples at places like

Now just as powerful you could use an advanced type of mediaglyph the animated GIF.

These share much of the same things as the static images except they provide more visual information or context.

These can be used to the same effect and inject into your content a little dynamic element.

It’s simple to use animated GIFs to re-inforce a point you’ve made or to simply break up your content.

Built right into Curation Suite you can search one of the most popular GIF networks Giphy.

Animated GIFs also work good for a main or featured image like we did on this True Story post and this Go To List post.

Sometimes just adding a small dynamic element to your content is enough to have someone slow down and pay attention to what you publish.

Fun fact:
The word mediaglyph was originally used by Neal Stephenson to describe an animated icon used for communication with people who never learned how to read. That didn’t happen. Reading is common and mediaglyphs emerged as a way to communicate a complex emotion or idea to people who a) in a tight format (a smart phone), b) who don’t have time to read something longer, and c) crave an emotional hit of humor, anger, etc.