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Mastering Single Source Content Curation Training [replay]

Mastering Single Source Content Curation Training [replay]

Below you’ll find the recording for our training on mastering single source content curation.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • What makes up a single source curation (quick curations)
  • How this will enable you to publish more content
  • How to pick content to quickly curate
  • Examples of single source curations
  • How to put this new strategy into action now

What is a Single Source Curation?

A piece of content where you’re primarily citing another single source/story/video (link).

We also cover a few examples of single source curations from different publishers.

On thing to keep in mind… quick curations are content. They aren’t different from any other content you publish on your site or blog. We go into this a little more depth within the replay but this is something you should keep in mind.

Why Quick Curations (Single Source) Allow You to Publish More Content

  • The content idea/concept is already chosen for you – no need to have to come up with the idea behind a post, with a single source curation your launching off an existing piece of content and adding your own thoughts.
  • Clear outline of how to structure your content – You’ll also see how using a simple structure in your single source curations makes it easier to click publish.
  • Never a challenge to find content to publish/curate (at the end I’ll share the secret to making this happen) – you’ll learn one simple trick so you’ll never struggle to find what content to curate and publish.


  • The most important part of the curation – This is a true secret to having success with curation. We also covered this in detail in one of our posts What Maters More Than What You Curate.
  • Minimum: 2-3 sentences – At a bare minimum you should include 2-3 sentences of commentary. This is your unique content. In the replay you’ll learn some tips on adding commentary. Also check out our Secrets to Adding Commentary training.
  • Think value and visual value (I’ll show live examples) – huge secret here. You want to think about not just the written quality but also the visual quality of the content your publishing. You’ll learn more about this as well in the replay.

Quoted/Cited Text

  • No more than a 1-2 paragraphs at most… – this is a good rule of thumb on the content that you cite. Generally you don’t want to cite more than you have to for your curations.
  • Highlight important aspects or concepts – This is a no brainier. With curation you’re looking to create value, not only in the commentary but value in the content that you cite. So focus on citing the important elements of content your citing.
  • Advanced: Work it within the narrative of your commentary (I’ll show live examples)

Attribution Link

  • Required for curation – required element to do curation properly.
  • Don’t bury the link – We cover this in more detail within the training replay. Important point: be proud of the content your curating. Look at the link as not sending traffic away but providing tremendous value to your audience.
  • Decide and follow a style you like (I’ll show live examples)