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How to Guarantee You Curate Daily

Pixabay Image 605421Curating and publishing daily is one of the biggest goals I hear from anybody looking to maximize curation.

And yes– publishing daily is a goal you should have.

The more content you publish the bigger audience you’ll build. The bigger audience you have the more authority you’ll gain.

More audience and authority = more traffic and conversions.

So how do you guarantee you publish daily?

There’s one simple rule to follow to make this happen.

It’s called the 6’O Clock rule.

Here’s how do to that…

Just about everywhere in the world has a local evening news program. Have you ever tuned into your local news and the announcer says…

“Thanks for tuning in today but you’ll have to check back tomorrow. Today there is no news to report”.

No way. That would never happen. There is always news

The news could be the local politician accepting bribes, a water main breaking, or a local cat saved after being caught in a tree.

The bottom line is they have a broadcast time and air to fill. So they have to find news.

You have to look at your curation and publishing efforts the same way.

That’s right. You have a set broadcast time and you have broadcast air to fill.

Or to put it another way.

You have a scheduled time where you cover the news in your market or niche.

Here’s the drop dead simple way to do this is…

Place a 15-20 minute block in your calender the same time each and every day.

When that time pops up simply follow the 6 O’clock rule.

That’s right you make the news. You decide what is newsworthy for your audience.

You have a broadcast air to fill so whatever is happening in your market or niche you choose the top story and make it the news.

Now this is easy to do if you have Curation Suite or the Listening Engine.

If you own Curation Suite:

Start by creating a new post and using the on demand search. Search Google News, Bing, Reddit, YouTube, or Twitter.

From the stories that come back follow the 6 O’clock rule. It’s that simple.

This is even easier if you own the Listening Engine.

Fire up your Listening Engine and select content published over the last 24 hours.

Sort by either trending or total shares.

You’ll immediately get the top shared and trending stories in your market or niche.

Pick one story that interests you and add your thoughts as commentary.

Then click publish.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Don’t complicate it.

Following the 6 O’clock rule to guarantee you’ll curate and publish daily.