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Fight Procrastination Day

CC BY by Karen_O'D

CC BY by Karen_O’D

Today is Fight Procrastination Day.

I would say watch out for throngs of people marching in the streets demanding an end to procrastination but I think they’ve all decided to put that off until tomorrow.

So today you’re safe to travel.

I’m surprised there is a day dedicated to fighting procrastination. Especially since here in the US Labor Day was yesterday.

I can hear them now… good job on going to work we celebrate you– now stop sitting around and get stuff done.

I hear the most about not getting stuff done when it comes to clicking publish.

It usually goes like this…

“I don’t know what to publish.”

Simple solution really.

You can battle publishing procrastination by following 2 rules:

1. Schedule a time to publish
2. Follow the 6 O’Clock rule

I’ve mentioned that last rule before.

It says you have a scheduled time to click publish.

All the news, stories, videos that you have before you is what is available.

You are the newsmaker. You are the action taker. You decide what is worthy of publishing.

You are the editor of the stories that site before you.

This becomes so much easier if you have a tool like the Listening Engine.

When you follow these rules you gain the power. You no longer have an excuse to fall into procrastination.

Also, a pretty big side benefit is by following these simple rules you don’t need a day dedicated to ensuring your get things done.