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Fantastic Content & Where to Find It ‘highly curatable’ content is easier than it seems… with a little magic.

I’m a late Harry Potter fan really only because my daughter read the whole series and this last summer we binge watched the whole epic movie franchise.

This new movie that dropped this last week is in the same universe. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them tells the story of a bashful magic-zoologist named Newt Scamadner’s on first trip to New York and the adventures that follow. The connection to the Potterverse: Newt is the author of one of the textbooks mentioned in the original Harry Potter series.

Non spoiler review: I liked it. The movie was a good addition to the lore and a good start for J.K. Rolling and Hollywood to add to their coffers in the coming years.

Yeah I know, kind of a cynical review but I’m cynical by nature.

Much like the subject of this email…

Fantastic content and where to find it.

This subject hits to the heart on one of the biggest questions I get:

How do I find awesome content to curate?

Here’s the answer and a magical secret about curation.

Don’t worry about finding fantastic content.

If you do great– good job!

Instead focus more on turning any content you find into fantastic content you publish yourself.

This is so much easier than trying to find that gem every day. Instead use the magic of your own commentary to turn any content into fantastic content.

It’s much like if you had magical powers– ordinary tasks would be so much easier– from dishes, bed making, cleaning, walking the dog in the cold, to just about any other mundane task in your life. Who wouldn’t like a little magic in their life?

It’s the same way with publishing curated content.

Tapping into the magic of your commentary gives you the freedom to publish and curate on a wide range of topics and subjects.

That’s why one of the biggest pieces of advice I give to someone looking to stand out is to create 1-2 topics in their Listening Engine that go horizontal.

Horizontal topics are topics that might relate to the things you’re interested in but not within your niche or market.

Publishing this way has another benefit– it’s so much less stressful. If you lock yourself into the same subject day in and day out eventually you’ll hit a wall.

But if you expand your horizon a bit– pull from close but related topics you open up the universe of content possibilities.

You tie all this together with your own commentary and thoughts. Your commentary is the magic that makes this happen.

It doesn’t get any more mysterious than that.

But if you do want a little help on creating commentary check out our Power Words download and have look at our training: Secrets to Mastering Commentary.