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Experts Do This…

Pixabay Image 516331So let’s tackle this whole expert thing…

If you’re looking to build authority (or an authoritative site) what you’re really saying is your looking to become an expert.

The path to becoming an expert really is simple.

But most treat it like they’ve just been cast in a survival reality TV show.

So to save you a few days wandering around in the barren wilderness and eventually resorting to having to drink your own pee– here’s a few things experts do:

  • Experts provide their opinion
  • Experts look a the world differently
  • Experts publish content
  • Experts know their market, niche, or subject in and out
  • Experts are curious and consistently searching out new insight
  • Experts cite other experts

Experts do these things because– well that’s what experts do.

If you’re looking to become an authority or an expert in any subject matter (or present your site as an authority)– it’s time to start doing what’s listed above.

I’ve mentioned this before but everything above is a bonus by-product of becoming a curator.

As a curator you are on a constant search for interesting stories, videos, articles, images, memes, etc.

Even if you don’t read each and every one like a super powerful magnet your subconscious mind is soaking up this information.

If you’re looking to be an expert curating is one of the fastest way to learn about any market, niche or topic.

It’s the quickest way to start to see the trends, ideas, thoughts, and heart of a market.

It doesn’t matter if what you want to be an expert in the most mundane business to business niche or celebrity gossip.

The steps and things you do are virtually the same.

You know what’s even crazier?

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