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Curation Tips for Adsense & Facebook Boost

In the video above I share some content curation tips and advice for AdSense and Facebook boost.

This video was prompted by a question we received from Eric a Curation Suite™ with Listening Engine customer.

His question was…

“What’s the best practice for content cution when using AdSense or/and promoting your content on Facebook?”

In the video above I give a full detailed explanation with examples. Here I’ll summarize some of the high points.

First we’ll start with the structure a curated piece of content. This is what matters most. If we break down a curated article we have four major parts:

  • Headline
  • Commentary (your written piece of content)
  • Cited (Curated) content
  • Attribution link

A good curation starts with a good headline. A Headline is a promise and is what is going to drive the click. So ensure the content you create or curate always pays off on the promise you make in your headline.

Next, we cover probably the most important aspect to staying in the good graces of both Google and Facebook– the ratio of cited content to your commentary.

The most important thing to know here is that you should have a One-To-One Ratio (1:1) between Commentary and Cited content.

To put it simply that means for each cited paragraph you should’ve at least one commentary paragraph. A good rule of thumb is that the more commentary you have the better.

First Example

In the first example, 3 Tips to Build Resilience and Squash Stress for Entrepreneurs, I break down each section. We cover the commentary, cited content, and the structure of this post. The key thing to point out here is notice there is a good balance between cited content and commentary.

It’s in this section where I mention that Google actually really does like curation when done correctly. Correct curation means your not only curating quality content (the Listening Engine ensures this happens) but you’re adding value to that content. See Matt Cutts on Content Curation.

Second Example

In the next example What Are the Personality Traits of a Trusted Entrepreneur we dive into more about the visual makeup of your curations. While this might seem like a minor point it’s actually one of the most important aspect to your content getting shared, read, and converting.

Another tip is to keep your content (commentary and cited) light, it shouldn’t be too long paragraph or heavy scrolling page. Keep the paragraphs light and short so the Facebook, Google or other native marketing platforms allow your content to be promoted.

Third Example – Visual Value

This article “The 10 Reasons You Need a “Strategy” for Digital Marketing” will give you a clear look of a light content article but really valuable, the 10 reasons in the article are the curated content but we’ve visually structured it in a way that it won’t look like a curated content and it’ll fulfill the promise we made in the headline.

The most important thing to notice here is how we’ve added the enough commentary to making this article valuable and unique.

Bonus Tips – Adding Amazon Affiliate Offers

In the end of the video don’t forget to watch the part where I told about creating more value to your article by adding some affiliate products.

Here’s a the plugin mentioned to make this happen:

Official Amazon Associates Plugin – Link Builder is the official free Amazon Associates Program plugin for WordPress. The plugin enables you to search for products in the Amazon catalog, access real-time price and availability information, and easily create links in your posts to products on You will be able to generate text links, create custom ad units, or take advantage of out-of-the-box widgets that we’ve designed and included with the plugin.