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Curation to Creation Video Tutorial – Plus Content Promotion Tips

Learn how to use curation to create high value content. In the above tutorial video we dive into how you can easily and quickly discover a trending story or narrative and create your own story or blog post.

This is one of the simplest way to create content that exists. It works well because your doing what has been term “newsjacking”. Meaning you see a story that is trending and you write your own story or take on the story.

In the above video I share a live example of how to do this. You can see the actual post that we published titled: Become a Master Marketing Storyteller with this Free Course from Pixar.

In the above training we break down the following:

  • How to discover trending content perfect for creation
  • How to craft a headline that is a promise
  • How to come up with a unique perspective that our market would care about
  • The simple way to write a curation to creation post
  • Where to promote your content

Discovering Trending Content

The first thing we do is fire up the Listening Engine. We noticed a story that was mentioned and trending from many different sources. The story piqued our interest a bit and we dove in deeper. Once we saw what it was about then we moved onto the next step.

Coming Up With Our Angle

After you discover a trending story the next thing to do is to come up with the angle or way you will cover it. This will also help you come up with a good headline for the piece of content you will create (we cover all this in the above training video).

The one big difference between this strategy and curation is typically in this strategy you are writing all commentary or more or less a blog post. If you’ve gone through any of our training you know we always suggest at least a 1:1 ratio between curated content and commentary. With the style we cover in this training the ratio is usually a 1:10 respectively.

Bonus – Promotion of Content

At the end I share an overview of our conversions and I walk through ways you can promote content like this. For this post we did a Facebook Boost and Twitter advertising. You’ll also learn some of our favorite distribution networks for content.