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Breaking Down Content Curation from PopularMechanics

popularmechanics.comToday we highlight how PopularMechanics curates content. We’ll also share some insight and example links so you can check it out yourself.

One of the biggest eye opening insights anyone has about content curation is just about every site out there does it. They just don’t call it curation. Most call it publishing.

You’ll notice this right away with how PopularMechanics  does their curations. So lets’ get started here’s the first example of a typical post curation PM publishes:

This Brilliantly Weird Design Is the First New Rotary Transmission Since the 1960s  – You’ll notice at the bottom they cite the source.  Also pay attention how PM creates their own headline. The headline for the story they cite is: SRI Demonstrates Abacus, the First New Rotary Transmission Design in 50 Years”.  While you might say their headline is a little bit more ClickBaity it does a better job of what a headline should do… create a little suspense.

Here’s How You Can Restore An Old Hot Wheels Car to Its Former Glory – This curation is primarily a video curation overview that also points to one of their other web properties. Notice the genesis of this curation comes from a 7:08 tutorial video from YouTube on how to restore a Hot Wheel Car. Notice once again that the title for the video is: “Hot Wheels Redline Restoration and Custom”.

I can’t stress this enough. They took what is a pretty dry video (unless your deep into that type of stuff) and did a quick summary and created a much better headline.

New Theory May Explain The Deadly Bermuda Triangle – Here’s a curation where they cite an article from BigThink and also found a video from the Science Channel. As you go about curating you’ll also find opportunities to make connections like this.

Airbus Announces Plan for a Vertical Takeoff Plane by 2020 – This curation is right within their wheel house of content. Another good example of spot on curation.

Most Popular Curations

Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol – Shares (Facebook 208K, Twitter, 5.1K, LinkedIn 1.1K) – This is a longer form curation that includes a few sources and a video that dives into the the original story into quite a bit of detail. When looking at this primarily curated piece of content notice the length of the story– it has a heft to it and really does back up there is something of value to read.

The 6-Wheeled Monster Convertible From “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” Is on eBay  – Shares (Facebook 56K, Twitter 1.5K, LinkedIn 659). It’s surprising that this curation about a eBay listing is one of their most popular posts this year. It just goes to show with publishing and curating it wins to mix it up.

Off Topic Curations

Don’t Drive Your Car Off A Truck, Idiots – Now I would put this curation in the complete “trying to get traffic” bucket. But why not. This is a video curation of someone driving a car off a flat bed tow truck. That’s it. The important point to make here is not every curation  you do has to be an indepth summary. Sometimes just make a pithy point and share the main event.

Watching This Old Pentax Camera Restoration Is Pure Gadget Zen – Another slighltly off topic curation of a video. This is a short well shot video with a small amount of commentary. Notice in this curation PM doesn’t really describe the video they provide a little information on the Pentax to give the video some context.

This Mind-Bending Wheelchair Goes Forward While Its Wheels Spin Backwards –  Another off topic curation of a video that highlights an interesting wheelchair. Notice the both of the citations at the bottom. This is a video curation as well.

In Closing…

You’ll notice PropularMechanics uses a strong curation strategy. Much of what they publish is on topic and right in line with the type of content they create. But they also curate content that is trending or in a close relationship to their content. This is a highly effective all around strategy and from the examples above you can see that publishing this way can be quick and simple.

You can also publish and curate content in the same way using the Listening Engine.