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A Conversation With a Dolphin

Pixabay Image 1019616Researchers in Russia have discovered that Dolphins have conversations.

The scientists have shown that dolphins (Yana and Yasha) alter the volume and frequency of pulsed clicks to form individual “words” which they string together into sentences in much the same way that humans speak. They found that each dolphin would listen to a sentence of pulses without interruption, before replying (source).

Before we get excited I predict we’ll discover these conversations aren’t high brow discussion of the meaning of life. It will be more along the lines of…

“Take a look at this guy, hey buddy your speedo days left you 10 years ago”

It also won’t be long before these Dolphins start getting on social media. You think YouTube comments right now are a cesspool. Just wait until you get trolled by the smartest mammal in the sea.

Intelligent animal life is intriguing.

I follow this topic in my personal Listening Engine because much of the new research in this field gets to the core of who we are.

It reveals the connections we share on a lizard brain level. It uncovers the quirks that bond a group of people.

Often I find this topic a good source of content to share and curate. It is something that no one else in my market uses as a source of ideas and inspiration.

By doing this I immediately stick out like a sore big toe.

You can publish and curate about all the same ole’ stuff in your industry. Or you can discover news on a far out subject like intelligent animal breakthroughs and relate it to your market.

Which one sets you apart from others in your market?

Which one is more memorable?

I’m not saying you don’t curate and publish things at the heart of your market– you do.

But mix it up.

Find an off the wall subject you can constantly pull from and relate to the challenges, ideas, frustrations, and goals of the peeps in your market.

It’s simple really and it will ensure you have a unique voice in your market.

This is easy to do when you have a platform like Curation Suite. You can use the on-demand search to find content right now from Google News, Bing, Twitter, and even Reddit.

If you want this to happen automatically create a custom topic within your Listening Engine. As news pops up you’ll find more than enough stories to spur ideas and content to curate and publish.

And just maybe in the future you’ll be surprised by getting a Twitter share and mention from Yana the dolphin.