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5 Examples of Converting Curations

Pixabay Image 605421A fair amount of our sales and email conversions come from curated content.

Strange I know– what is this magic?

It’s not a slight of hand it’s simple really.

We use our curation tool to curate and publish consistently.

I thought it might be helpful to share a sampling of curated content where we can track first visits that turned into a conversion.

Let me restate that so it’s crystal clear.

Below is actual content where we can track that it’s the first piece of content someone visited on our site who then converted to either a sale or an email subscriber.

Below I’ll share recent sales, email optins, and some notes that will provide a little insight on the piece of content.

Let’s dive in…

WordPress Week in Review :: RSS Tricks, Plugin Success, Image A/B Split Test, & Vulnerability Updates

Notes: Round up post that targets WordPress users. We do this week in review every Monday. We also retarget visitors who visit this section of our site. Here’s a training on retargeting and curation.

4 Ways to Use Psychology to Woo Your Competitions Customer

Notes: Here we curated a slideshare presentation and in our commentary we included a quick overview of the 4 main points used in the presentation. This curation was chosen because our customers are interested in marketing topics and psychology is good source material for going beyond the same old jargon speak.

The Best Insights from Neal Schaffer’s Reddit AMA on Social Media

Note: Using our Reddit feature we curated a AMA by a social media influencer. Who doesn’t like the best nuggets condensed down? This was a simple and easy post to put together and we’ll be watching other AMA’s to do this same strategy.

Conversion Hack – Mapping Your Customers Journey. Top Resources to Get You Started

Notes: This style of curation we’ll talk more about in the future. It’s a evergreen value synopsis. Where you take a topic in your market and you find some of the best stories, videos, slideshares, and other content to curate. Done right this can be a high value form of curation.

Matt Cutts on the Spectrum of Curation

Notes: In this video curation we summarize a point made by Matt Cutts discussing curation and aggregation. One reason why this post probably does pretty good at converting is it’s straight on topic with what our product sells and it’s referencing a trusted known source.

That’s just a sampling of a few of our converting curations but here’s a little more insight…

Some of these curations we published over 60 days ago. Most of these curations are evergreen allowing us to re-share a few times a month gaining new traffic and visitors.

Where are we taking it from here?

We’ll expand some of this content because we feel we can do even better.

There’s 2 reasons for this.

First, to improve the perceived value for a first time visitor. If we can add more insight or commentary or even more sources this ups the value of the content when someone first lands on our site.

Second, we want to bulk up the content a bit so we can distribute these to paid networks like Outbrain. We also will most likely do some promoted Tweets and Facebook posts on the ones that are standout conversions.

There’s a important point to be made here about these curations.

Most of these pieces of content took us a few minutes to curate and publish.

To do this we used Curation Suite and the Listening Engine.

And that’s all.

There was a time when I used to make things more complicated than they have to be. The sampling of examples above is one of the reasons why I really do believe in this strategy.

It’s simple. So simple anybody can do it.