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On Fake News… the recent election here in ‘Merica there’s been this constant meme.

At first I thought it would go away but lo and behold it’s as resilient as the Kadarsian’s…

Laugh now but if nuclear war ever comes rising from ashes will be cockroaches and the Kardasians– and I think the Kards will win.

Now this fake news stuff– it’s mostly false but it’s something you better pay attention to.

If you bought into it– the meme of fake news that is– let’s just say over half of all news is ‘fake’ no matter where it comes from.

Fake news and echo chambers have been around since the dawn of early humans. The well known story of…

Bob the Neanderthal who sat around the camp fire and shared how he saw Sally with Kevin down by the river. Little did we know that Bob really wanted to to get with Sally but her missing-link husband Jared was in the way. Thus was born TMZ BCE edition.

I haven’t shared this often but in a past life before I was the super curation tool maker I was a networking fiend.

I knew a few local news reporters and even some of the local TV reporters. I learned their little secrets over time and saw how over half the stories you see are full of half truths and usually a prevailing agenda.

Sure call me a conspiracy nut but here’s what Jim Butcher of Storm Front fame would say…

“Paranoid? Probably. But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible demon about to eat your face”.

Let me get back on track here.

While some of the news you see is fake that’s being too cute by half. See a good percentage of what is called fake is also something known as satire.

I’ve witnessed first hand as story after story from the Onion shared on Facebook has 20-30+ comments from people who are going insane before someone points out the obvious.

You can’t fix stupid… and you can’t fix smart either. Both the smart and stupid make the same hubris mistakes. This I also know first hand as I often make smart and stupid mistakes– often at the same time.

The moves Facebook, Twitter, Google, Et. All are promising to deal with “fake news” has the potential to cause havoc on social distribution.

And that’s where this effects you.

Whenever the mainstream gets all in a tissy a few things happen. Usually the pendulum of common sense goes out the window and it sways to one side.

These wizards of smart will put into place procedures (both human and machine) to weed out the scourge they’ve uncovered (real or not).

What does that mean for you?

You (most likely the little publisher) get’s caught up in the tow.

This was also revealed last week on an update from Mr. Zuck of Facebook. Comments and cries from people as their hard earned pages were shut down or ghosted. The pleas to no avail but nonetheless this happens.

So there’s a few things you should be mindful of…

If you have a domain that doesn’t exude trust you have potential to get caught up in this mess.

And it won’t always be obvious why. Things just might not show up or might be what is most commonly called ghosted.

Domains with a strange name or that exude a certain click-baity feel have a potential to get steamrolled here as well.

Just like how you can judge a book by its cover you can usually judge a domain name by its– well, name.

Also, this is going to go contrary to what many of people do but you should focus on not only building a site but a brand. And put into place all the other things you would have while building a trusted site.

Have a nice about us page. A easy way to get in touch with you and the gold standard would be a phone number.

The bottom line you want to have a domain that exudes trust both from the perspective of someone looking at your site but also from a machine (bot) perspective.

Finally and foremost– publish good content.

Here’s where I mention the Listening Engine and how every piece of content that is discovered is put through our proprietary curation quality score. That score is made up of a range of trust factors that include things such as the well known Moz Score. The bottom line here is we built this score because it is important that you do cite trusted sources and websites.

Do we weed out fake news? Ah, no– mainly because that would be virtually impossible and that’s for you the curator, the expert in your niche or market to do.

Therein for those that get it is the opportunity.