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Stealing Jokes from Comedians

It’s got to be tough being a comedian.

Imagine a darkened arena. You’re alone up on a stage and the crowd looking to you for total entertainment. The crowd isn’t there for a some TED talk that only lasts 15 minutes or so– no they want you to combine words into stories that will entertain them and get them to laugh so hard it hurts.

Being a comedian has to be one of the most nerve racking ways to make a living.

I was listening to a podcast from Joe Rogan where he was talking about Amy Schumer (another popular comedian) potentially stealing jokes:

He shared some gems for anybody looking to connect with an audience.

It goes something like this…

People don’t like a comedian who is a plagiarist.

When you go to see a comedian you want to hear their thoughts on something. Their perspective on life.

A comedian is sharing the world as seen through their eyes.

If you found out a comedian was stealing jokes or had all their jokes written for them there’s a betrayal there.

They’ve broken a promise they’ve had with you and typically their career is over.

But you know what? A comedian does borrow ideas. They do it all the time– often it’s a the backbone of their show.

What does a comedian do?

They look at their life, relationships, the world, news, pop culture, etc. and share their unique perspective on it. They can do this with everything but other peoples jokes.

It’s amazing to think about this but you have this same power within your market or niche.

Except you’re not all alone on stage looking to entertain or capture your audience.

You can borrow thoughts and ideas from other people and sources. This is a well accepted and a smart way to publish content.

You don’t have to come up with it all yourself.

But you also benefit from the same thing a comedian does.

People want to know what you have to say and your perspective on what you curate and publish.

So you got the best of both worlds right within your reach.

You can borrow and remix ideas. Most important when you add your own thoughts and ideas (commentary) this is what stands out. This is what people come to your site for.

A comedian typically works at night. So during the day they are watching TV, reading, hanging out with friends and this is where their material comes from.

For you I’m sure you don’t get to hang out all day and work at night so for the content marketer the Listening Engine fills this void.

It provides you with the sources, videos, and articles for you pull from and publish. This happens automatically 24 hours a day.

Having the Listening Engine means that you have a virtual content idea machine when you log into your site looking for something to publish.

Unlike a comedian this means your not alone on stage looking into the eyes of your audience without a clue on what to publish.