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How to Publish More than the Cicada’s Visit

So I guess the Cicada’s are back after spending 17 years underground.

And this hasn’t happened since Y2K was going to destroy us all and we were rocking out to the late and great Prince’s 1999 anthem.

There’s a funny video floating out there about all the things these blurry eyed cicada’s have to catch up on.

This got me thinking… why is it that most sites publish content just about as often as the cicada’s visit?

I don’t know about cicada mating habits but I do know about blogging and creating content.

Hitting publish on a new piece of content is hard.

It takes planning, thought, effort, and for some more time than they have…

This is why curation really is the answer.

Here’s why that is…

You choose a story that is interesting to you.

Then you simply add your own thoughts (or commentary).

Not sure how to do that? Check out our commentary and power words training.

That’s it.

Choose an interesting story. Sum it up or add your own quick thoughts. Then hit publish.

Here’s 2 examples we published on Monday:

How did we do that? We fired up our Listening Engine and chose the 2 top trending stories.

Clicked a few buttons to create the post and added our own thoughts.

Then hit publish. It’s that simple…

We did do one more thing… we scheduled out published content to go to all our social channels and our distribution networks. These posts are still delivering traffic to us here today.

That’s the bottom line isn’t it? Without content there is no traffic. Without traffic there is no conversions.

So if you aren’t publishing content more than the cicada’s visit (or let’s say at least once a week) then curation is the answer.

Here’s how to make that happen…

Schedule a time in your calendar to publish a curation (you only need 12-15 minutes or less).

Follow our steps above.

Of course this is all easier with the right tools in place.