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The Power of the Written Word

writing-topics-570x379The written word is one of the most persuasive tools ever invented by humankind.

Sure we’ve been to the moon, cars are starting to drive themselves, and we’ve just laid the ground work for our future AI overloads. But none of that compares to the magic of a few words strung together.

When something is written, even by an obvious crackpot (uh, wait where is this argument going) … it has the aura of credibility.

Obviously if the idea is way out there, the number of people who will buy into it will be small. But it only takes a few people to start a revolution (if you’re into that sort of thing) or become fanatical about your product or idea.

But there’s an even more powerful thing that happens when someone reads the words you write.

It’s the voices in their head…

Brain scans are revealing what happens in our heads when we read a detailed description, an evocative metaphor or an emotional exchange between characters. Stories, this research is showing, stimulate the brain and even change how we act in life… The brain, it seems, does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it in real life; in each case, the same neurological regions are stimulated (source).

You got that?

It says that reading is a form of virtual reality– at least in the brain.

Increasingly we are learning that stories and the written word impact our thoughts and emotions in ways we’ve always suspected but now it’s being confirmed by science.

Here’s how you can run with this…

In getting someone to work with you, buy your product, or even spread your idea, your credibility is being checked within the first second.

You can break through all that by creating a emotional connection with your audience.

A shortcut to that emotional connection is the written word.

Think of one of your favorite books. By the end you feel like you know the characters. In many ways they are real (you just know they are out there somewhere). Even though in the back of your mind you realize they are fiction. The story was so powerful (and as we are finding) the connections in your mind make it so you in can’t tell the difference.

That’s why content marketing is an effective strategy– it connects directly with your market on a mind meld level.

Just like that strange ear guy on that space program. By embracing the written word you have the ability to enter your readers mind and fire the same synapses of some of their deepest memories.

That’s why I am such a big believer that you always include your own thoughts or ideas with the content you publish.

I share a ton about how powerful the Listening Engine is at discovering content and videos. I share how it easily bubbles up top and trending stories from your niche.

What I hope isn’t lost in my zealous praise for our platform is that your thoughts, your ideas, and your written commentary is what should shine.

Yes our platform will provide you with more than enough stories to curate and publish. But your publishing for a reason. Your publishing to create a connection or a conversion (I know strange to talk about a person as a conversion).

Your thoughts (commentary) is that opportunity for a connection. It’s the written part of your content that will fire those inner regions of your readers mind.

That’s going to leave a lasting impact on your market. That’s what is going to convert. That’s the power of the written word.