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Here’s What Wins In a Fast Paced Digital Marketing World

A YouTuber I subscribe to mentioned something that I’ve heard before but this time flipped that light-bulb switch in my mind.

He said…

“We live in a never ending light speed news environment. In the morning we wake up to something tragic but by the evening we are enthralled by that new panda video.”

Sure he was taking it to the extreme but if you can remember a world before smart phones you know just over a decade ago it didn’t appear to be this way.

It’s almost like this morning we were one of those old coal powered locomotives and in the evening we took a one of those bullet high speed Maglevs.

Living and breathing in this environment everyday is skewing our reality.

The ability communicate on the other side of word instantaneously has changed our expectations.

When I provide consultations this is probably the biggest misconception I like to dispel.

I get it…. and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me half my life to figure this out.

It’s 3 simple things that win.

And this is nothing new– it’s been like this for centuries.

Here’s what wins:

Keeping It Simple

This is a tough one these days. We have what seems like an unlimited amount of options.

With digital marketing this usually falls into…

“I need the perfect site. Of these 17,214 themes which one do I use? I need the perfect funnel. I’ve got to setup these 27 tools. Which of these 19 email providers do I choose? How often do I post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wallyword…”

Keep it simple. One question should be in the back of your mind…

What’s the simplest and quickest way to get this done?

Taking Action

Maybe you’ve got this one licked. Maybe you have no problem taking action. But is it the right action?

That’s a hard thing to figure out but there’s one surefire way to know…

Does you action result in what you want?

Yes? Good.

For some this question is important…

Is it legal? If you’re reading this on your “personal time” in the supermax library it’s probably the wrong action. So serve your 2 days and don’t do that again.

For all others who aren’t attending a Johnny Cash concert flanked by guards…

The real question about action is more like a winding snake:

Does you action result in what you want and can you do this time and time again and expect the same result?

Staying Consistent

This is probably the biggest challenge a modern digital mammal faces (except for dolphins).

With the speed of the news cycle and the sheer amount of distractions no wonder it’s so hard to stay focused.

The best answer I’ve discovered is to turn it all off.

Figure out what is important that requires you to be consistent, set a time, and turn it all off until that happens. Then do that consistently.

At first this might cause digital withdrawal. But keep doing it. Eventually like when stuck in the desert the mirage of Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite news site will fade away.

Turn it off and stay consistent.

Sure within these 3 things there are little details. But just about everything falls into these three simple steps.

I share these 3 things when someone asks me “Scott, I want to be the authority for X”.

I usually reply with something like this…

Want to be known for something? Want to be the top authority?

It’s simple. So simple you probably will dispel what I say but here it goes:

Pick a topic or subject.

Talk about it every single day. When I say talk I really mean publish and share.

Do this consistently.

Want to break through? Do this more than anybody else does in your market or niche.

Want to do this quicker? Use Curation Suite and the Listening Engine.

The important part is to keep it simple. Constantly ask and answer the questions above.


Keep it simple, take action, and stay consistent.