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What the Dark Knight Can Teach You About Saving Your Market

What the Dark Knight Can Teach You About Saving Your Market

Do you have a strong antagonist in your market or niche?

Someone who attacks your weakness, makes you struggle, forces tough choices in which you will eventually overcome? Maybe that’s missing and what will make what you publish truly shine and have an impact.

Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker is universally celebrated—and with good reason—but there is more to the character than his excellent performance. This video analyzes what makes The Joker the perfect antagonist for The Dark Knight.

The key point made in the video above is this movie is good because the antagonist, The Joker, is just as strong as the hero.

Or a good antagonist is:

  • Exceptionally good at attacking the hero’s weakness
  • An antagonist must be powerful – the more powerful the harder the struggle for our hero.
  • Exceptionally good at attacking your hero’s greatest weakness
  • Pressures our hero to make difficult choices
  • Competes for the same goal as our hero

Notice how each one of these directly effect our hero? In this case Batman.

So how can we apply this to your own heroes ascension in your own market?

Yes, I’m suggesting you’re a super hero (I know you have tights and a cape somewhere in the back of your closet).

It’s simple really.

First, look at yourself as the hero in your own market or niche.

And well I’m about to get a little meta here…

  • What are you fighting for?
  • What market forces are working against you (and who you want to reach) that is forcing them to make choices?
  • What reveals the true emotions of what connects people in your market to what they want?

There’s a good quote mentioned in the video above by an author John Truby:

It is only by competing for the same goal that the hero and the opponent are forced to come into direct conflict and to do so again and again throughout the story.

In many ways what you publish and what you curate is about you telling a story.

Although we don’t often look at it this way the best stories have conflict. I bet the people and stories you pay attention to on a daily basis usually have conflict as well.

Now I’m not saying you go out and invent some magical antagonist but I bet in your market there is a natural or unseen protagonist. Something, someone, or thoughts, tropes, ideas, or misconceptions in your market that stand in the way of your goal.

Find out what that is and fight against it. Write and curate against it. Point it out, break it down, and look to overcome them.

Now I began this post with saying you should look at making yourself the hero in this story within your market. If you really want to transcend there’s one additional thing to do.

Make your reader or your audience the hero.

Ah, but that’s a whole post unto itself and for another time.

Until then put on your best hero costume and get to fighting.

This is a good example of how I found a video with our newly released video discovery feature in the Listening Engine.

This video on the Dark Knight popped up as the most viewed within my Story Telling topic.

After I watched it I thought… is there a way I can relate this to the problems or challenges I hear from people I talk to?

Then I followed my surefire tip I’ve shared with you a few times before. Don’t think, open up a post and write. So I opened up a post and just wrote. Edited then hit publish.