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BLANKHOLE… Afflicting Many Sites

Something just opened up.

It’s bad.

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see.

Almost as bad as using 10W30 for your brake light fluid.

It usually goes like this…

“Scott, I’m ready to get started. I’m ready to start publishing. So what should I publish?”

My response…


Wait, what?

Yes. Nothing.

Let me put it this way.

If you’ve spent more time thinking about what you are going to publish instead of how you are going to convert then your website is a sinkhole.

That’s right you have a virtual SINKHOLE.

A black hole swallowing up traffic and visitors who have no hope of escape.

See your visitors want to convert– they really do.

Think about it. Where would you rather be? In a safe happy place or a dark vortex where no light escapes?

Whenever someone asks me what they should publish my first question back always is…

“How are you going to convert?”

You might ask… Scott, why should you care?

Isn’t Curation Suite a publishing tool? Just answer my question you BLANKHOLE!

Whoa, that escalated quickly. Yes, but I want you to have success. It makes zero sense to publish without a plan on how you will convert.

Without conversions your site is a major SINKHOLE for traffic.

So solve that first.

Once your conversion master plan is in place here’s my answer to what to publish:

Publish content that is going to start the conversation to convert to one of your offers.

Your content should be the opening– your conversion should be the answer.

^^ Let that sink in a bit. ^^

Then publish as much of that content as you can.

That’s where it gets easy.

Especially when you fire up Curation Suite and the Listening Engine. Here you’ll get more than enough content to publish to start your conversion funnel.