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Top Advice From Writers on Getting in the Zone

medium.comIn the past nine months ProductHunt has hosted over 400 LIVE Chats with entrepreneurs, investors, entertainers, athletes, and thought leaders from every industry imaginable. Many of their guests have written some of the most insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking books in categories ranging from science fiction and history, to business non-fiction and memoirs.

They recently had a live chat with some top writers. You would be amazed at the breadth of advice given. Some swear by outlines; others just start writing and organize as they go. Some write in the morning religiously; others write in the evening.

Here’s our favorite ones to get you in the writing zone:

(1) Read. A lot. (2) Write every day. Hearing good writing in your head and working every day on your craft will help a lot. — Daniel Pink, Author of To Sell Is Human, Drive, A Whole New Mind

Another author mentions the importance of reading:

Do you have a daily ritual to improve the writing muscle? — John Wei I read for 2 hours. 1 hour of fiction, 1 hour of good non-fiction. The fiction has to be HIGH quality. Then 2–5 hours of writing. EVERY day. Seven days a week.

What are your tips for writing a book when you are not in the “writing” business?

Don’t try to write a book. Just write, every day, for as much time as you can. 20 minutes a day. A blog post a day. 50 tweets a day. It doesn’t matter, just flex that writing muscle. Before long, you will be able to write a book. — Dave Kerpen, Best-Selling Author and Founder of Likeable Local

Robert Green has some great advice as well:

Choose a subject that really, really excites you, that others are not covering, if that is possible. Give yourself a year to do solid research on the subject, if it’s nonfiction. You can also have a job, but not full-time or it will crush you. Learn to organize your information really well. I have a 4 x 6 card system for organizing book. — Robert Greene, Bestselling Author of The 48 Laws of Power

There’s quite a bit more in 11 Successful Writers Share Their Writing Routines — Medium