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Super Tips Round Up on Content Marketing

Super Tips Round Up on Content Marketing

We have a barn burner of a content marketing round up this week. From tips on writing, advice on conversion, to generating ideas. This week you definitely will want to digest each and every one of these stories.

First up, we have Jason Miller who shares how to have astronomical ROI in  your content marketing: on your blog and native advertising – and being more like KISS – are just a few tips Jason Miller, senior content marketing manager at LinkedIn, will share in San Francisco. As his ClickZ Live San Francisco session gets closer, Jason Miller … How to Achieve Mind-Blowing Content Marketing ROI #CZLSF

One of biggest challenges people have when creating content is ideation. This next story provides some spot on advice on getting more than enough ideas for content.

As a side note, this is also why we really like content curation. We find that most people that setup a highly focused Listening Engine instantly see a wealth of ideas of content to create in their market or niche. are like opinions: Everyone has one. Don’t limit the idea generation process to just the content marketing team. Build a mechanism that allows for internal stakeholders, external partners, customers, sales teams, and product teams to pitch ideas…. Building Your Idea Generation Machine from Every Corner of the Office

Here’s a really interesting case study from  a insurance company and how content plays into conversions. One question that popped up for us is can we quantity the value of our content in web conversions? That’s a great question to ask yourself, team, or organization: fills that get the most online conversions (3 Marketing Tips) How simple design tweaks can make your CTAs 40x more successful Site revamp improves content-driven conversions by 300% The learning center has already overtaken some of the company’s … Content marketing influences 51% of web conversions for insurance company

One of the best uses of content marketing is to re-enforce the value you provide to your market. In this next story we learn some spot on tips on bringing value and building loyalty: marketing has come a long way since the turn of the century. Today, content is available for consumption in many forms beyond print. And as consumers, we have become accustomed to receiving tips, tricks, advice and inspiration from the brands … INSIGHT: Use content marketing to bring value, build loyalty

Creating content is just one part of the battle. Where the real war is won is in distribution. This next story provides 5 spot on tips you can implement right now to extend the reach of the content you create:

5 Ways To Extend Your Contents Reach may not be a superstar with a giant audience. So how can a person with a relatively small following generate big buzz over a new post? Follow these five tips.

1. Choose links carefully
2. Use competitive intelligence to choose topics
3. Work your groups
4. Ask influential people for quotes
5. Create original graphic pull quotes Read more…

More tips on the way especially for the B2B market. Here you can learn 4 simple to implement tips on how to define the right strategy for your content. Number 4 is spot on: strategies are used by marketing professionals all over … You need to make sure that your product reaches the targeted audience through the right online platform. Digital marketing is a great way to market the services online through website … Know the right marketing strategy for your B2B, 4 wonder tips

While there are many forms of content you can create: audio, video, visual, this next story provides you with 10 pieces of advice to be a better writer. What’s great about this story is it doesn’t just provide tips it provides some really good examples:

10 Spot On Writing Tips you’re a banking executive or a professional copywriter working at an ad agency, everyone needs to know how to write well these days. Here are 10 ways writers at any level can make their words count.

1. Kill the passive voice.
2. Scratch that.
3. Put your last paragraph first.
4. Dump the extraneous.
5. Keep it short.
6. Assume readers know you are the speaker.
7. Depersonalize your writing.
8. Kill commas.
9. Reduce prepositional phrases.
10. Use stronger verbs.
Bonus: Dealing with percentages.

Read more…

Congratulations you made it to the bottom to what is one of the best content marketing round ups. As usual our advice is to take the advice in these stories to heart. At a minimum take one of these stories and dive in and see how you can implement each peice of advice in your own content marketing.