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Content Creation – From Creativity to Supercharged Content


Creating content that stands out is a must. The story that follows gives some good advice on content creation:

When it comes to a noisy online world, how do you make your content marketing efforts stand out?

Do you conform to the “rules” and stay in the safe zone? Or do you take a risk and strive for creativity? Content Marketing: Conformity Versus Creativity

Next, a topic we cover quite a bit on our own blog and in our membership site… how to find content to curate:

Discover Content in the Noisy Online World

Before we can appreciate the benefits of content curation, we must first grasp just how much content exists online. You probably know this already, but the Internet is a very noisy place. The amount of data and content is astonishing, and people add more every day.

Good content curators work their magic in very much the same way as museum curators. In other words, they also think about their audience first, and they devote their time and energy to find the best content for them.

In a nutshell, curators take on the noisy internet, headfirst. They dive in and dig out the content that is valuable for their followers….and they make it seem effortless. Via

The next story provides some really good tips on creating content. We’ve collected the tips below but you should read the story to get more detail about each one.


6 Blog Content Tips to Supercharge Your Website

Blog content is the lifeline of your online presence. Do you ever get the feeling that nobody cares? You spend so much time writing an awesome piece of blog content and it seems like nobody even bothers to read it. You desperately want to get your message across. To be heard, but at the end of the day, you just feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

  1. Blog Content Starts With A Great Headline
  2. Sub-Headings & Visuals
  3. Bullet Points Or Lists
  4. Short Paragraphs
  5. Specific Facts And Figures
  6. Pacing, Flow & Promotion

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